Single shaft shredders

Single Shaft Shredder

The right machine
for todays recycling needs

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ZERMA extended its product portfolio from granulators and pulverizers to include single shaft shredders in order to cover a wider range of applications. Shredders can be used in a wide range of applications apart from plastics they can be used for wood, paper or MSW recycling.

ZERMA offers the following machine series:

Affordable shredder for lumps and purgings
Dependable allrounder
Horizontal shredders
Heavy Duty shredders
Shredder for long lengths of large diameter pipes

As with all ZERMA machines the shredders are easy to operate and maintain. They are dependable and deliver high quality output.

  • Rugged construction
  • Low speed - high torque
  • Easy ton integrate with other ZERMA machines

ZBS – affordable shredder
for lumps and purgings

ZBS – affordable shredder

The ZBS series shredders are single shaft shredders with a tangential infeed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system. The Space saving and manoeuvrable design combined with the plug and play controls make this machine very flexible and ready to go in no time. Like its bigger brothers in the ZS series they are equipped with outboard bearings, 310 mm diameter flat E rotors with 600 or 850 mm width driven by an oversized geared motor. Utilizing the proven ZERMA knife holder and knife design. The user friendly design makes cleaning and maintenance work a breeze. The low speed of 60 rpm combined with the compact design of the ZBS shredders makes it possible to shred lumps at a relatively low noise level. The machines can be fed manually or by conveyor, material discharge can be done via conveyor or into a drop box.
  • Affordable solution for small lumps
  • Simple upgrade for existing granulation system
  • Easy to move and place
  • Tangential infeed avoids the need for a hydraulic pusher
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption

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dependable allrounders

ZSS Single Shaft Shredder

All shredders in the ZSS/ZPS/ZIS series use a dual speed hydraulic to ensure high efficiency when shredding different types of products. Oversized bearings and shafts ensure a long service life. Hydraulic screen cradles and PLC controls are standard on all machines to make maintenance easy. The machines can be tailored to various applications with options such as rotor cooling or different knife and screen designs.
The ZPS shredders feature a larger ram than the ZSS machines and are better suited for heavy applications such as pipes.
The ZIS series shredders feature an internal ram to increase the cutting chamber volume without increasing the footprint. They are very well suited for large hollow products such as barrels or IBCs.

  • Low speed, high torque gear drive
  • Powerful hydraulic swing type pusher
  • Proven well engineered design
  • Smaller footprint compared to traditional shredders with horizontal pushers
  • Bolted in drive shafts
  • Multiple rotor designs and materials
  • Two speed hydraulic comes standard

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ZHS – horizontal shredders

ZHS Single Shaft Shredder

The ZHS horizontal shredders are single shaft shredders featuring an angled hydraulic ram suitable for a wide range of material shapes and sizes. The ZHS shredders are equipped with a 600 mm diameter E style rotor and knife fixing system. The roller guided hydraulic ram makes feeding of large heavy walled materials possible without the risk of jams, blocking or excessive wear on guide rails. Like all ZERMA shredders the ZHS series can be tailored to individual requirements, this includes different drive powers, knife configurations as well as discharge options.

  • Large feeding hopper
  • Robust welded steel construction
  • Low speed operation
  • Advanced rotor / knife mounting system

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ZXS – Heavy Duty Shredders

ZXS – Heavy Duty Shredders

The ZXS shredders are single shaft shredders with a powerful two speed swing ram design eliminating the risk of blocking and wearing out of internal guide rails. The machine is very versatile and can be used for shredding of all kinds of input materials and is well suited for different industries. The 750 mm diameter rotors ranging from 1500 to 3000 mm width are driven by two oversized gearboxes. The low speed of 45 rpm guarantees a high torque and smooth operation. The hydraulic power pack is well integrated into the machine housing to save space and protect it from damage but still easy to access or remove for maintenance

  • Low speed, high torque gear drive
  • Powerful two speed hydraulic swing type pusher
  • Heavy Duty design+ High throughput rates
  • Suitable for very large and heavy parts
  • Big diameter rotor (750 mm)

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ZRS – shredder for long lengths
of large diameter pipes

ZRS Pipe Shredder

The ZRS shredders are the worlds first single shaft shredders able to handle large diameter pipes up to 1200 mm without the need for pre cutting. Since their introduction they became the per se standard for pipe shredding and are used by the leading pipe manufacturers all over the world. More than 100 installations demonstrate our technological leadership in this industry and continuing innovation based on market demands and customer feedback.

  • No pre cutting of pipes of up to 1200 mm diameter necessary
  • Virtually risk free, automated operation
  • Elimination of amperage peaks
  • High throughput rates
  • Feeding of bundles or nested pipes and profiles
  • Big diameter rotor (up to 1500 mm)

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